The act of evaluation

 The next part of the mind is the sensation. Actually as soon as any input is received, sensation arises, a signal that something is happening. So long as the input is not evaluated, the sensation remains neutral. But once a value is attached to the incoming data, the sensation becomes pleasant or unpleasant, depending on the evaluation given. At once reaction takes place.

K e l e l o k o reacts to the sensations by using various processes:

- Digital image Processing

- Screen printing

- Sound editing

Screen printing

Cutting, scaling, rotating, stretching, cropping, layering,..

Decompose to compose and recompose

Breakdown and catch the whole

Create parallel worlds

Transfer an experience onto layers of life

Choose a format

Coat the screen with a light-sensitive emulsion

Dry it

Expose it to a strong light source - Flash light

Waterjet to creates emptiness for the painting to go through

Position it and lock it

Push the painting with the squizzy through the mesh

Dry the layers


Introducing temporality and spatiality                           



After processing





Blue city