Flow of Life




K e l e l o k o’s art aims at expressing the impermanence of life.

K e l e l o k o perceives the world in a constant state of flux, changing moment by moment.

At a subtle level there is no solidity. Solidity is an illusion. Everything is made out of energy and vibrations. As all matter is merely energy, resonating at a frequency that allows our frequency to interact with it and perceive through our senses.


Everything – all matter - is energy in a process of change and transformation.


K e l e l o k o is revealing the state of change. Therefore the work is the process. The outcome is an act of creation at a point of time and space. But there is no final destination. The art captures the fragility of a moment. The ultimate aim is to share the experience of awareness, the ability to perceive, to feel to be conscious of this moment, and to be focused on an internal state or an external event - a continuous shift.


Everything – our inner self - is about presence and connection.


K e l e l o k o’s artwork working method is a mind psychic process. It involves our consciousness and perception at one end, and our sensation and reaction at the other end, in a continuous process. From a raw data which our field of perception filters and categories, it leads to an expression of our sensations and reactions.

Rather than the outcome as a standalone result, there is a quest to celebrate this journey with no limits. By defining and observing its process, by decomposing the tools and techniques used, the whole process becomes visible and unveiled, expandable, experimental and intuitive.

Digital image processing, screen printing, sound editing are openly used. There is a specific interest in the physical action of printing production and its capacity to engage testing and create an unexpected result.


Everything – our creation - is about the process.


The ultimate goal is humble and universal: to remind human beings what and who they are, where they come from, and where they go – our primary roots.

There is a deeper reality and a wider map.


The ultimate graal - as human beings - is to listen to and create our own music...


k e l e l o k o




‘I cannot call myself a scholar. I have always been and still am a seeker but no longer do my seeking among the stars or in books. I am beginning to hear the lessons which whisper in my blood. Mine is not a pleasant story, it does not possess the gentle harmony of invented tales; like the lives of all men who have given up trying to deceive themselves, it is a mixture of nonsense and chaos, madness and dreams.’

The life of every man is a way to himself, an attempt at a way, the suggestion of a path. No man has ever been utterly himself, yet every man strives to be so, the dull, the intelligent, each one as best he can. Each man to the end of his days carries round with him vestiges of his birth-the slime and egg-shells of the primeval world. There are many who never become human; they remain frogs, lizards, ants. Many men are human beings above and fish below. Yet each one represents an attempt on the part of nature to create a human being. We enjoy a common origin in our mothers; we all come from the same pit. But each individual, who is himself an experimental throw from the depths, strives towards his own goal. We can understand each other, but each person is able to interpret himself to himself alone.’

Hermann Hesse, Demian