k e l e l o k o Book publication

k e l e l o k o Book publication

About the Book


Lines of life



Enthralling images fill the book in a gallery of stunning landscapes, fascinating people, amazing sequences of life, and unexpected glimpses of the usual and unusual.

A monkey sits on the temple balcony and joins a group meditation in Jaipur, India while an elephant in Chitwan National Park, Nepal takes a morning dip in the river. Monks in Bodhnath pray for peace in circle around the stupa and a little girl in orange, the living holy goddess, stands out at Durbar Square in Kathmandu. Youth dancers in colorful costumes celebrate a festival in Mamallapuram and orange holy flowers color the Ganges after a cleansing ceremony in Varanasi. And Hindus pilgrims come to the Ghats lining the river to wash away a lifetime of sins in the sacred water. The peaceful journey through the peaks of the Annapurnas creates a deep experience while the chaotic train station in Delhi confuses the mind. The contrast of looking at the unique magical perfection of the Taj Mahal while standing on wasteland among buffalos from the North bank of the Yamuna River is a unique moment.

Our journey through India and Nepal is a sequence of our Lines of life, a continuous kaleidoscope of inner sensations, refreshing and changing moment to moment.